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Microwave Precision Instruments (MPI) is a leading automation and instrumentation solutions provider. Focusing on the upstream and midstream oil and gas industries as well as refining and petrochemicals, MPI delivers reliable and accurate instrumentation for level, interface and pressure measurement as well as remote access communication solutions.


Oil And Gas Automation

Oil and Gas Automation

Reliable and accurate tank battery solutions for overfill protection, remote monitoring, well pad automation and inventory management maximizes visibility and efficiency.

Midstream Automation

Midstream Automation

MPI’s highly accurate midstream automation increases reliability and visibility by reducing downtime and maintenance with its improved technology immune to build up and scaling.

Remote Access Communications

Remote Access Communications

Monitor, manage and troubleshoot any instrument in the field with remote access communications solutions. Real-time reporting, monitoring and alerts deliver maximum visibility and productivity.

Interface Measurement

Interface Measurement

Accuracy in interface measurement is integral. Measured with guided wave radar technology, both clear or emulsion “rag layer” interfaces can be detected with various applications.

Level Measurement

Level measurement

Designed to withstand temperature and pressure changes, MPI sensors provide reliable and accurate continuous level measurement of liquids, solids and slurries as well as point level protection.

Pressure Measurement

Pressure measurement

Offering multivariable level measurement including HART-based differential pressure, head pressure and sensor temperatures from one system for high reproducibility and long-term stability.

Flow Measurement

Flow measurement

Consistent product quality, safety, process optimization and environmental protection – these are only a few reasons why industrial flow measurement is becoming more important all the time. Water, natural gas, condensate, oil, chemicals are some of the fluids that have to be measured day in, day out. There is no single, across-the-board technology suitable for all these applications, so you can choose the flowmeter best suited to your process needs from our comprehensive product basket.
MPI’s state of the art flow measurement technologies are designed to handle the rigors of the Upstream and Midstream Oil & Gas applications. MPI’s technologies include, Coriolis, Magnetic Flow, Ultrasonic Flow, and Thermal Mass Flow.
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